A New Medium for Interactive Storytelling

PartnerPlay is the first product from Left Right Studios Inc. We’re creating an entirely new medium for interactive storytelling: multi-person augmented reality audio experiences.

These experiences take advantage of the unique form factor of AirPods: the left and right AirPods are split between you and your partner, and you're each fed different yet synchronized cues.

Together you’re guided through tantalizing adventures where neither of you knows what's coming next.

This medium opens the door to near limitless applications: entertainment, gaming, education, therapy, training, dancing, etc.

For example, Disney could build Marvel episodic fiction where teenagers can role-play as movie characters.

Friends trying to learn Spanish can be led through practice conversation with each other.

A couple learning to dancing can be led through synchronized steps: as one person takes a step forward, the other is directed to take a step back.

We help people live out content through interactive audio. Rather than distracting and isolating us, this new medium connects us more to the people and the world around us.

We augment reality.

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PartnerPlay is the future of digital intimacy. 

The first vertical we’ll focus on is intimacy. We believe there's a billion dollar industry to be built making entertainment for the bedroom. Try an early demo here.

PartnerPlay empowers you to explore your pleasure, expand your comfort zone, and live out your fantasies together.

Our premium cinematic quality experiences deepen your emotional and physical connection, building trust through a range of audio adventures that span the spectrum of human intimacy: kissing, touching, massage, sex and more.

PartnerPlay will be the world's most accessible sex toy because the barrier to explore is so low (“it's just an app”) and the most discreet too (no embarrassing special hardware required), with content possibilities as limitless as the human sexual imagination.

Just as '50 Shades of Grey' was a huge international hit, PartnerPlay will similarly bring the risqué into the mainstream. We’ll tap into the massive market of erotica, one of Audible.com’s largest categories (more than a quarter of their business!)

We invite you to slow down and enjoy each other. We invite you...to play.


Who is the primary PartnerPlay buyer?


Based on dozens of conversations, we believe women will be the primary purchaser. Women tend to be more turned on by fantasy and imagination and story. Descriptions such as “interactive erotica” and “guided bedroom roleplay” hit a sweet spot.

We believe the cadence of usage will be roughly weekly, and we plan to cater to that with our messaging and product design (“new episodes every friday, just in time for date night!”).

We believe word-of-mouth and press will initially drive growth of the product as customers privately recommend it to their friends.

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Use of Funds

Left Right Studios Inc is a hybrid technology + content company.

In the short term, the core of the business is paid subscription content, similar to Headspace. The audio experiences must be meticulously crafted. If a single aspect is off — writing, voice talent, acting, pace, instructions, partner choreography, sound effects, musical scoring — the experience falls down.

With that in mind, we’re on a mission to hire the world’s best experience designers, storytellers, audio producers, and writers. Our team so far is five people including the executive producer of Gimlet’s Homecoming podcast, a showrunner from Panoply (Slate Group’s podcasts), a top NPR/WNYC writer/producer, and the writing and sound design team behind A World Where.

Our paid content focus means we’ll build a company that generates revenue from day one rather than be solely reliant on ever larger infusions of venture capital.

Longer term (after we’ve demonstrated the promise of the medium), we plan to work with other content producers to bring their ideas to life and become a distribution hub a la Netflix.


Approximate Launch Timing

We’ll launch end of Q1 2019.

Before then, we’ll continue to do R&D by soft-launching experiences to friends, family, and redditors to help learn how to build compelling episodes.

For our official launch we plan to have at least six half-hour episodes each with support for both mixed-gender and same-gender couples.

We expect once the initial writer/producer team is hired, at least two more months of training/experimentation will be needed, plus two months of production work, which lands us in early 2019.


Terms of Investment

We raised angel funding from some of the most creative people in the world including the founders of Tinder, HQ Trivia, GroupMe, Tumblr, Venmo, MakeSpace and the writer/creator of Dear Evan Hansen.

In addition to that $500k of angel money, we’re now taking on an additional $1mm from institutional investors to fill out the seed round in the form of a convertible note with a $15mm cap.