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PartnerPlay is the future of digital intimacy. 

PartnerPlay empowers you to explore your pleasure, expand your comfort zone, and live out your fantasies together.

PartnerPlay sells premium interactive audio experiences for couples, cleverly taking advantage of the unique form factor of AirPods: the left and right AirPods are split between you and your partner, and you're each fed different yet synchronized instructions.

Together you’re guided through tantalizing adventures where neither of you knows what's coming next.

These experiences deepen your emotional and physical connection, building trust through a range of audio adventures that span the spectrum of human intimacy: kissing, touching, massage, sex and more.

PartnerPlay will be the world's most accessible sex toy because the barrier to explore is so low (“it's just an app”) and the most discreet too (no embarrassing special hardware required), with content possibilities as limitless as the human sexual imagination.

We believe there's a billion dollar industry to be built making digital content for the bedroom. PartnerPlay will bring the risqué into the mainstream and in doing so, create a massive new market.

We invite you to slow down and enjoy each other.

We invite you to play.

An Entirely New Medium

PartnerPlay is a new storytelling medium. With PartnerPlay, people live out stories through interactive multi-person audio.

Left Right Studios Inc. reflects our larger ambition to extend this medium to different genres:

For example, Children could role-play Disney movies. Spanish students could practice conversations. And dancers could learn dancing through synchronized step directions.

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Resources and Spending Plan

We raised a small $500k seed round from 22 investors (all personal money, no institutional money).

Our investors are some of the most creative people in the world including the founders of HQ Trivia, Tinder, Venmo, Tumblr, GroupMe, MakeSpace and the writer/creator of Dear Evan Hansen.

PartnerPlay is a hybrid content + technology company, like Headspace, HQ Trivia, or Netflix.

Funds are being used to hire the world’s best experience designers, audio producers, and story tellers to create beautifully crafted audio experiences that create connection.


Background + Experience

Jonathan is a designer of emotional products and experiences. He previously founded Timehop, Exit Strategy NYC, and worked on product at Snapchat and GroupMe.

His expertise is founding and growing consumer products (Timehop has 25mm users), turning products into businesses (Timehop does ~$10mm annual revenue), getting press (relationships with reporters at every major publication), hiring and running product/marketing/design/engineering teams, and raising capital ($14mm raised across 3 fundraising rounds at Timehop).


Who is the primary PartnerPlay buyer?


Based on dozens of conversations, we believe women will be the primary purchaser. Women tend to be turned on by fantasy and imagination, and descriptions such as “Interactive fiction for the bedroom” and “guided bedroom roleplay” hit a sweet spot.

Although PartnerPlay works for all couples, one huge market worth mentioning is couples in longterm relationships. These couples are often looking to add variety to the bedroom and rekindle connection.

We believe the cadence of usage will be weekly-ish, and we plan to cater to that with our messaging and product design (“new episodes every friday, just in time for date night!”).

We believe word-of-mouth and press will drive growth of the product as customers privately recommend it to their friends. At a later stage, paid acquisition may be an important channel.


Revenue Model

A recurring subscription at ~$20 per month (“$9.99 per person”) would give unlimited access to the PartnerPlay episode library.

Therefore a mere 2000 subscribers would generate $40,000 of monthly revenue, covering salaries for a team of four and achieve profitability.

We believe that a team of four should be able to produce an episode per week (Each episode being 10-20 minutes) at a salary-cost of $10,000 to make.


Approximate Launch Timing

We’ll launch in the first half of 2019.

Before then, we’ll continue to soft-launch experiences to friends, family, and redditors. This process of prototyping, testing experiences on real world couples, and soliciting feedback is INCREDIBLY valuable in helping build the “right” experiences.

For our official launch we’d like to have six half-hour long episodes, each with support for both mixed-gender and same-gender couples.

We expect once an initial team is working at speed, at least one more months of training/experimentation will be needed, plus two months of production work, which lands us in mid 2019.