brings couples closer together through play.

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“It’s intimate, and yes, a little weird, but so much fun. We loved each episode and our relationship is stronger than ever.
— Sample user
It’s like headspace, but for intimacy.

If you were a fan of the 36 Questions to Fall in Love you must try this.
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PartnerPlay helps you and your partner explore your pleasure, expand your comfort zone, and live out your fantasies.

Come together.

Slow down and play together with our immersive audio adventures built for two.

Best used with a pair of AirPods or wireless earbuds, you’re going to need your whole body to play.

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“I can’t remember the last time we’ve given each other this much attention. Foreplay is back.” -Sean R.

Made for all

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No matter how you describe your relationship, your gender, or what your body looks like, PartnerPlay is for you.

All experience levels are welcomed. Start simple with episodes around partner breathing, eye-staring, and massaging. Or explore new areas like dirty talk and roleplay. Or push the edges with kinky fantasies and bsdm 101.

PartnerPlay is consent focused. We’ll always let you know what to expect up front. And we’ll help you set boundaries that make sense for your relationship.

“We're having more fun in bed than ever, but the best part is how much better we understand each other. Better sex was just the beginning." -Sheila F.

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