An Entirely New Medium: Interactive Fiction

PartnerPlay is a new storytelling medium made for two people. With PartnerPlay, people live out stories through interactive audio via shared airpods.

One partner closes their eyes and hears an immersive story. The other partner acts out elements of that story upon their body.

Here’s a fun scare example:


And another in the romantic genre:

And a thriller example:



Our technology brings your story to life in totally new immersive ways.

A dinosaur’s footsteps can be paired with the phone’s vibration. A clap of thunder with a quick flash of the phone’s flashlight. Flickering flames with a strobe effect.

Wind, vibration, lights, touch, breathe, whispering…the storytelling possibilities are literally endless.


Visionary Storytellers Wanted

We’re looking for audio storytellers to push the limits of this new medium.

Storytellers should be comfortable working directly in audio to create a (very rough) first draft of their stories: voice recording, sound design, and editing. Essentially a scratch track.

They’ll also need to feel comfortable playtesting with partners or friends. Being able to move from idea to play-testable expeirence is key for our iterative process.


About the startup

PartnerPlay is a small stealth startup backed by some of the most creative people in the world including the founders of HQ Trivia, Tinder, Venmo, Tumblr, GroupMe, MakeSpace and the writer/creator of Dear Evan Hansen.

The founder, Jonathan Wegener, is a product designer and entrepreneur with two decades of experience building products and starting companies. He previously founded Timehop, Exit Strategy NYC, and worked on product at Snapchat and GroupMe.